Secret’s out: Brad Pitt to make appearance on Turkish soap Opera

The Turkish press is as giddy as a school girl, proclaiming the news on front pages with

Will Brad Pitt be friend or foe of Suleiman the Great?

giant exclamation marks:  “Brad Pitt is coming for Muhteşem Yüzyıl!”  The company that produces this soap opera, whose names translates as “Glorious Century”, has been keeping the $2 million deal secret until a couple of days ago.

I am interested to see exactly what role he will play in the 16th century Ottoman Empire, where the show takes place.  Will he fight with or against the army of Suleiman the Great?  Will he seduce one of the many concubines, slaves or handmaids in his court?  Will he even tempt Suleiman’s wife, the slave-come-queen Roxelana?

More than his appearance on the show, I am anxious to hear about what inspired him to make the deal, his experience working with the Turkish cast and crew and how it will be acting in a foreign-language TV program.  I will be trolling for updates and will keep you posted.

Click here to read the news from CNN Turk.

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